15 December 2009


How do I avoid them?

It seems like just when I get settled into a project, something else comes along.

Part of the problem is that I am more of a collector than I am a builder, and more of a builder than I am a painter.

That said--I can't stand to let other people build or paint my stuff. It needs to be 100% me.

The result, of course, is a vast swathe of boxed, unbuilt, unpainted figs.

Another part of the problem is the lack of a regular gaming group. I have a few guys to game with; we mostly do some RPG stuff. The problem is that they are not really serious miniatures players, so it's an effort to get them to build and paint, let alone have them inspire me. In the glory days of my gaming, I would play at least a couple of times per month, and, as some of you will know, this creates its own impetus to build (and paint).

Lastly, there is the limits of time. This is a bit of a cop-out; I'm just not good at making the time. Other guys work away here and there, but I like to be set up and in the groove.

I need to do better--the figs inspire me (all those RT marines are piling up), but I need the human element too....

23 June 2009

For Sale - Tarrie Cat 1 by Clive Barker

This is a limited edition giclee by Luna 7.

The run was limited to 95. Of these, no more than 94 survive. I purchased two of these as gifts, the second to replace the first, which was destroyed by stupidity on the part of my now ex-girlfriend.

The giclee is framed rather nicely and has been stored, boxed, in a climate controlled environment.

This item is FOR SALE. Serious offers only.

Contact me at:
game thug gery AT gmail.com (remove bot fighting spaces)

Dwarven Fleet Work

28 May 2009

Uncharted Seas

Spartan Games has released a fantasy naval combat game set in their Uncharted Lands world, called, naturally, Uncharted Seas. In the game, a variety of fantasy archetype factions battle for supremacy in the "New World", a vast region of islands, subcontinents, and archipelagos.

The scale is set at 1/600, and the miniatures, while not the best ever, are certainly evocative. I have selected the "Iron Dwarves" for my fleet:

As you can see, they have a very distinctive ironclad feel to them, and I am super enthusiastic to pick some up and lay paint down. I expect them to paint up quick.

As always, when contemplating a new game, cost is a huge factor. In this case, I have NO concerns. The rule book ran me $30CAN, and the starter fleet of 10 resin ships will be about the same.

The other factions are a little pricier, around $50CAN, largely because of pewter masts, rigging, and sails. And the ships are big. The battleship classes run in around 5" long.

I really can't wait to try this out....


When I was at the annual Stratford miniatures convention, Hot Lead, I picked up a ton of random figs, including about 50 or so painted 20mm pewter FJs from someone's estate sale.

I need to rebase/touch up, but they have already been turned out for a fierce skirmish against the yanks.

Pics to follow (hopefully!).

01 April 2009

Panzer Grenadiers! Marsch!

The first squad basically done...not sure about my photography, but that comes next....

04 March 2009

Imperial Firebase

This is the last of the GW card-and-plastic-bulkhead terrain pieces that I am missing. I was able to purchase the others last year, but this one has eluded my grasp since.

16 February 2009

Achtung! Grenadiers!

At long last, I was able to get together with my friend, HeavyJosh, for a little WW2 Skirmish action, using 1/72 scale figs and the rules from The Face Of Battle. it has been at least 3 years since I played this game back with my old historicals gang, and I've missed it.

I was never responsible for the rules before (Wayne always GMed our battles), and I have a new respect for being on top of all the mods and details.

That said, a fun time was had by me. The MG34/42 is a real chainsaw--I aced 3 of Josh's guys in the first turn with a well placed burst. He later reciprocated, laying out both my LMG teams with his .30 cal from the second story of an abandoned (presumably recently!) country house.

This game was really just an opportunity to refamiliarize myself with the game, and point out the holes in my terrain collection. I'll get to work filling them this week....

29 January 2009



Months later, I return. Many ambitions have been outlined, few achieved.

Current projects:

1. Paint Reaver Titan and refurbish recently acquired Warhound Titan.
2. Fulfill Tale of Four Gamers committment. 500 points - failed
3. Void Junkers proxy Imperial Guard army
4. Face of Battle 20mm WWII German squad
5. Doombringers Space Marines

Hm. Need a plan to accomplish all this....