21 February 2011

Obvious stupid is stupid obvious

It seems like every couple of weeks now, some buffoon on Bell of Lost Souls makes a comment referring to "Codexes".

Today it actually started with the following gem:

in reply to Gareson
Would you rather quickly done, not planned out codi *cough*Tyranids*cough*, or well written and interesting codi?

"Codi"?  Really?  To be fair, at least the poster knew that something was wrong with his first instinct.

This being the internet, it wasn't long before someone supplied the correction.  Yes, children, the plural of "codex" is..."codices".


"Codex" is a Latin word for an old book.  Basically.  And the plural ending for words ending in "-dex" is "-dices".  I don't make these rules.  Blame the Romans.

Other words you might know like this include index, uh...subindex, and...uh...caudex.  Words ending "-ix" are the same.  Appendix.  Radix.  Also words ending "-tex".  Vortex.  Vertex.  Cortex.  And words ending "-pex".  Auspex.  But not apex.  Oh well.

Spandex is actually pluralized spandexes.  This word is an anagram for expands.  It was invented by Americans.

Now, back to BoLS, and here enters RealGenius.  Spoiler alert:  He's not a real genius.

Since it is a big 'c' word, you can use Codexes as well. No one speaks Latin here


It is the "Space Marine Codex", not the "Space Marine book-format-that-replaced-the-scroll-and-stone-tablet". English, we take words and make them ours.


I read Codexes, not codexes or codices.

Now, part way through looking like a complete fool, RealGenius makes this interesting move:

in reply to RealGenius
I think your username looks ridiculous when taken in context of what you're saying.

in reply to RealGenius
Finally the irony (OMG, a joke?!) isn't lost on PANZERbunny.


in reply to Psyberwolfe
Happy to be an American with the right to argue any damn point I want. Seriously, how often does this come up? (At least twice a year.) Why to people keep trying to correct grammar in the comments section of a poorly edited blog? I'd link you to several other articles where I explain codex/codicies, but I'm lazy and the irony/humor would be lost on you.

in reply to RealGenius
Oh please do I'm all ears. The irony here is linked to my previous statement, "...can't be bothered to read a dictionary..." vs. yours, "...I'm lazy..."

in reply to RealGenius
You spelt "codices" wrong. Just sayin' :P

But I will give RealGenius this: he goes out with a little class.

in reply to RealGenius
Twice a year? I think it came up four weeks ago. The appropriate plural is "codices," but GW has printed "codexes," so do what you want. I'm sticking with "codices" because I like to feel superior to you.

in reply to Weafwolf
Best reason ever!

This will come up again, I'm sure. And every time it does, we can look back on this moment and see a high point of low points in the 40k meta.

14 February 2011

Marine Commander: Leman Russ

Marine Commander
Imperial Record AA/SW 05/015. f19.P6. Profile: Leman Russ Born: 2612016. M32. Guranta D Gurantan system. Commissioned Adeptus Terra as special agent 0134041. M32. First rose to Imperial notice during Lucan Crusade. Appointed Imperial Commander Lucan 0333042. M32. Instrumental in founding Adepts Astartes unit 4 'Spacewolves'. Suffered severe alviola damage during acid storms on Susa. Transplanted with model cybron-osmotic grill.

03 February 2011

Good job, Games Workshop

I love to rag on GW at the corporate level.  As a consumer, I think some big mistakes have been made there over the past few years.

I also love to tease the red shirts for their dogmatic sales technique, but I've also had a lot of good experiences with the staff at my local GWs (shout out to Vince, Matt, and now Ben at Montreal Eaton's Centre).

Today, though, I had my second great experience dealing with GW customer service on the phone.

See, I collect the White Dwarf.  I've been back collecting it for years, and I need something like 38 of the 260+ issues that have peen printed, and almost all of those are in the first 50.

So this is a big deal to me.

Now, one might think that I would get a subscription to the White Dwarf, but I've never had one.  When I worked for GW I got it free every month for the couple of years I worked there, and otherwise I made a regular trek to the store to buy it.  In December, however, at the prompting of my local GW manager, I coughed up for a subscription (and the Space White Dwarf).

I was anxiously awaiting my first ever issue in the mail.

It arrived.  Unbagged.  With the label stuck on it.  Dog eared and folded.

This was not good.

I called GW, ready to cancel my sub, but the fellow who answered assured me that this wasn't how it was supposed to come, that he'd look into it, and in the meantime he'd ship me a brand new one.

This was good.

The replacement issue arrived in a huge box, well protected and padded, and all was well.  Until this week, when my second ever issue arrived.

Unbagged.  With the label stuck on it.  Dog eared and folded.  With a little tear.

This was not good.

My second call to GW was effortless.  Madison was understanding, helpful, and very pleasant on the phone.  He took my issue seriously, and has arranged for me to pick up a replacement issue at my local GW.  He assured me that he would pass this up the line and that things would get sorted out.  And, if it happened again, he asked me to call back, and he'd look after me.

Thank you, Madison.  Thank you, Games Workshop.

I appreciate it.