08 March 2012

Everything that's wrong with Games Workshop, summed up in one miniature

Games Workshop currently has the above, beautifully painted Space Wolf Runepriest in Terminator Armour listed on their New Releases page, for $23.75 CDN ($19.75 US, £12.00 GBP).  He is part of the Finecast line.

There are a number of problems with the model itself, not the least of which is its presentation on the wrong sized base for Terminators.  It is also a tad small for a terminator.

The reason for these two issues, which, in and of themselves are relatively minor, is because this is not a new release.  The model was in fact originally released in the mid-1990s, and I suspect that the model shown above may be a touched up version of an old studio model, rather than an actual painted example of the current Finecast miniature.

My complaint here is that GW is either hoping we won't notice this, or simply does not care.  Releasing the EXACT SAME MODEL 17 years later is not a new release, even if I accept the argument that it's in Finecast now--which I don't.

Rehashing the same old is simply unacceptable.  It becomes egregious when you pair it with a price increase for a material that is supposed to be cheaper.


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