04 May 2015

Victorian Science Fiction - Rule Sets

In Her Majesty's Name by Osprey

Published in the familiar Osprey-format soft cover edition, In Her Majesty's Name (IHMN) pits "adventuring companies" of a dozen or less figs against each other as the various powers of the Victorian era engage in the Great Game.

With two expansions, IHMN covers Europe, the new world, Africa, and Asia, with everything from the Zulu Nation to the industrialists of America to the Hellfire Club in England.  Very straightforward mechanics combined with an easy-to-use engine for generating custom characters and equipment.  Highly recommended for fast play skirmish for squad to platoon scale.

In Her Majesty's Name - Core Book (British Adventurers, British Army, Prussian Occultists, US Marines, Foreign Legion, British Communists, Egyptian Cultists, Chinese Tongs)
Heroes, Villains and Fiends - First Expansion (Zulus, Apaches, Mexican Army, Mexican Rebels, American Outlaws, American Secret Service, Russian Okhrana, Knights Templar, Hellfire Club, and others)
Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun - Second Expansion (India, China, Japan, European Colonial forces, and others)

Voyages Extraordinaire by Wessex

This is a very compact rule set with a particular focus on individual characters.  Suitable primarily for skirmish gaming.  It is presently out of print.

Voyages Extraordinaire - Core Book


Space: 1889

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