21 January 2010

Border Reiver Supplies

This list will be updated as I find new stuff.  Feel free to note links in the comments.

Dixon Miniatures link (UK)

The "Flodden" line also includes some Mounted Border Reivers.  These are my least favourite sculpts; I don't think they really have a great sense of proportion, and the equipment is more military than raid oriented.  Also, at 2.50 GBP (per rider and horse), they are not materially cheaper than the other lines.  The Foot are all from the Flodden line.

Grand Manner link (UK)

 Features a wide variety of resin buildings.  Their Bastle House is well worth a look, as is the Stone barn and Stable.  At 40 GBP+, these are price, but it's better than trying to carve all that stone yourself....  They also have Stone Walls for your barnekin, but these are pricey too.  Also, the poorly bevelled bases are a turn off for me.

Graven Images (by Monolith Designs) link (UK)

 Stocks a similarly sized range as Vendel.  An interesting feature is that you can buy a Foot Reiver band as one pack, and what appears to be the Mounted version as a second pack.  Each pack is "character" based:  Auld Wat, Red Rowan, etc.  No separate animal packs, but there is a Bishop!  Also features some appropriate buildings.  Probably.  There's no photos of the buildings.

UPDATE (2015 01 15):   This line is now distributed by Hoka Hey Wargaming.

Gripping Beast link (UK)

 No idea if they are appropriate for the Borders, but they have some...interesting Sheep.  Also, some miscellaneous pack animals.

Megaminiatures link (USA)

 Sold only through an eBay store (or so it seems), this line is not great.  But it's cheap.  And how much do you want to spend on Sheep, anyway?  Some decent Pack Horses and Mules in there as well, though their Cattle are no good for the Borders.  Plus, there's this fig, and everyone needs one of those!

UPDATE (2015 01 15):  MegaMiniatures has ceased operatiosn as such and sold most of the molds to third parties.  link

Outpost Wargames Services link (UK)

 Mounted and Foot Reivers, some Civilians, Artillery, Sheep, Hounds, and Cattle. I don't love the looks of their Reivers (and the paint jobs don't help), but the Slew Hounds and animals look pretty good, and are comparatively cheap.

Vendel Miniatures link (UK)

 Sells Reiver "families" ranging from 10 to 30 Mounted and Foot figs, as well as an additional line of Elizabethan soldiery.  Also carries Hounds and Cattle.  The dogs are large Mastiffs, and the cattle, contrary to their "Longhorn" name, are probably quite appropriate for the border lands.  You can also get Spear packs, in rounded point and planished varieties.  I ordered some figs, which haven't arrived yet.  It does look to me like there are way too many calivermen in each bundle though.

UPDATE:  The Vendel lines have been purchased by Sgt Major Miniatures link (US).

Wargames Foundry link (UK)

 Some of the figs in the Seadogs and Swashbucklers collection may suit for Foot, and there are Sheep and Oxen in the Livestock collection.

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