18 January 2010

Territory and Income Chart

I have attempted to transpose the Necromunda Income Chart into something appropriate for the Borders.  Some of the elements are no doubt a little fanciful, but hopefully they keep the spirit of the Border Reivers.


11 Volatile Bog - 2D6
An extensive and highly dangerous bog lies nearby. The bog is a site of varying acidity, a chemical soup producing sulphurous deposits and various kinds of poisonous and corrosive substances, all in demand by your nearby town’s more esoteric practitioners. If you want to collect from the bog you gain 2D6 crowns.  The work is extremely hazardous. If you roll a double or a 6 when working out your income, then the ganger falls into the corrosive bog or is caught in a sudden flame up but manages to haul himself free or extinguish the flames (or both, depending on circumstance). He struggles back home horrifically scarred, his skin covered with blisters. His appearance is so foul that from now on he causes fear. No income is collected, and the fighter must miss the next game while he recovers from his injuries.

12-16 Old Ruins - 10
Though bastle houses and peel tower are frequently rebuilt as soon as they go down, there are still many ruins dotting the landscape of the Borders, from abbeys and cloisters to Border dwellings, and even the old mile forts at Hadrian’s Wall.  There is one such ruin not far from your settlement. If a hero searches through the ruins he may find scrap bits of old metal, coins, or interesting old curios – enough to sell for 10 crowns.

21-25 Herds - 15
A major clan routinely grazes their sheep and cattle just on the other side of the line.  Your warband has discovered a concealed route that enables them to slip in and run off a few head – enough to sell for 15 crowns.

26 Soft Targets - D6x10
Not far from your warband's settlement are a number of poorly defended homesteads or hamlets.  Careful not to take too much, the Reivers maintain a careful balance with the civilians, who put up only a token resistance.  You will earn D6x10 crowns by banging on doors and making threats.

31-35 Blackmayle - 30
A fairly major settlement would rather pay the warband protection money than suffer their depredations.  The relationship is smooth and businesslike; the small holders know that they have to pay someone, one way or another.  If a hero visits the settlement, he'll find that the local headman has collected the usual amount and has it all ready to go.  In addition, whether the territory is used or not, there is a chance of a young villager, caught up in a romanticized vision of Reiver life, attaching himself to the hero as a sort of page.  Roll a D6 after each game. On the roll of a 6 you may recruit a Youngblood for free.  His equipment will have to be paid for.

36 Quarry - D6x10
In a mutually beneficial arrangement, your warband has a part ownership in a stone quarry.  By sending a few of the boys around to help with the labour, you can earn some ready cash.  Collect D6x10 crowns as your share of the profits to date.
If you capture an enemy fighter then you can put him to work in your mine instead of turning him over to the Warden for a bounty.  Each captive worker adds +1 to your D6 dice roll for income from the quarry.

41-44 Secret Paths - 10
Your warband has found a series of concealed passes and paths by which they can travel in secret; such routes are ideal for laying ambushes.  When the warband fights a battle, it can use routes ducts to position up to three warriors anywhere on the battlefield.  Models are set up at the end of the player’s first turn and cannot be placed within 8" of enemy models. This represents the fighters working their way behind the enemy using their secret paths.

45-46 Homestead - D6x10
One of the heroes has a fairly profitable farming interest.  Taking the livestock or produce to market will net the warband some income (D6x10 crowns).

51-52 Whisky Still - D6x10
The gang has set-up and maintains a still at an isolated location out in the wastes. The still is worked by the family or friends of one of the heroes.  Selling the booze in town nets the warband a share of the proceeds amounting to D6x10 crowns.

53-54 Drinking Hole - D6x10
Your leader has inherited an old drinking hole in payment of an outstanding gambling debt. Small but well-known, the pub earns a small sum and also provides the warband with a convenient base in the local settlement for planning raids. You can visit the drinking hole to collect your share of D6x10 crowns.

55-56 Merchant Contact - D6x10
A local merchant has offered you favorable rates in return for your business. As a result you are able to increase your income substantially. If you wish to deal with your Merchant Guilder contact, you gain an extra D6x10 crowns.
If you recover any loot during a fight you can trade it in to your contact for an extra +5 crowns income for each item.

61 Friendly Chirurgeon - D6x10
One of the local medical practitioners has offered to patch up your wounded fighters at favorable rates in return for protection and other considerations. If a hero wants to part with a little blood or assist the "doctor" during an operation, you gain D6x10 crowns. The Doc will also give you D6x5 crowns for the body of any of your warriors who dies in combat, providing him with an opportunity to increase his anatomical knowledge....

62 Workshop - D6x10
The family or friends of one of your warriors runs a workshop in the local settlement. You can trade insight, broken weapons, or other odds and ends in return for cheap repair work or cash. If you want to visit the workshop you earn D6x10 crowns.

63 Gambling Den - 2D6x10
Your warband runs a fairly major gambling den in one of the less reputable quarters of Liddesdale or a similar settlement, with cards, dice, cock fights, and other games o' chance. Although the income from running a game is good, it is a risky business because Borderers are notorious cheats and bad losers too. If you decide to run a gambling session you receive 2D6x10 crowns. However, if you roll a double, you lose that number of crowns from that turn’s income instead – eg, double 4 you lose 80 crowns.
Note that losses are deducted from your income before making reductions for basic running costs. If a warband is unable to pay gambling debts out of its income then the difference must be made up from its stash. If this still isn’t enough to cover the warband’s debts then weapons or equipment must be sold off.

64 Faerie Ring - 2D6x10
Your warband has discovered a hidden clearing centered around a faerie ring.  Many kinds of rare fungi, herbs, and flowers grow there, which are quite valuable for trade in town.  A hero can harvest the plants and sell it to local apothecary for 2D6x10 crowns.  If you roll double 1 when harvesting, then the hero has inadvertently touched or ingested something toxic. Such illness is not lethal and recovery is automatic, but the ganger will not be able to take part in future battles until he recovers by rolling a 4, 5 or 6 at the start of a game. Once recovered, he may fight as normal.

65 Hoard - 2D6x10
Your warband has discovered a hidden entrance into a store room in the ruins of an abbey or barrow.  A hero can collect the remnants of a hoard of supplies and valuables that can be sold for 2D6x10 crowns.  So long as your warband is careful not to sell too many items at once, no one will suspect that your loot is not obtained by your regular rides. No risk is incurred by collecting 2D6x10 crowns. However, if you want to work the hoard more intensely you can do so. A hero can collect 3D6x10, 4D6x10, 5D6x10 or even 6D6x10 from the hoard, but if he rolls any doubles at all, then he has been spotted entering the ruins. You still collect the income rolled but the hoard is secret no longer and it is immediately stripped bare by treasure hunters. The territory then becomes an area of Old Ruins instead.

66 Settlers - Choose
You befriend a group of settlers who have migrated from more peaceful locales to start a new life. Possibly your warband has chanced upon the settlers lost or under attack by broken men. Maybe they are relatives or friends of one of your warriors who have deliberately sought him out. Thanks to your contacts and influence, you are able to give the settlers a good start, and naturally they are grateful for your assistance and only too pleased to help in the future. You may choose any type of territory from the chart. The territory represents the vocation of the settlers or a discovery they have chanced across in their journey to the Borderlands. The territory yields the appropriate income for its type.

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