29 January 2010

Reivers: First Batch

So, cobbling together a variety of GW kits, I have been able to buuild up a few figs.

Here is the first one (Champion):
I'm not 100% satisfied with the horse, as it really is too large for a hobbler, but it is the best compromise.  This model is built with head, legs, and torso from the Empire Militia Sprue, and his pistol comes from that sprue as well.  The cape is from the Empire Pistoliers.  I forget where the sword came from--Bretonnian maybe?  In the absence of a proper morion helmet, this reiver is wearing a steel cap.

As you can see, he's quite well armed; pistol and sword make a good combination, and he has a dirk tucked in at his belt as well.  The riders will all share a fairly similar armament, placing them firmly in an assault role, rather than a flanking one.
The shield is an old generic round shield, with the rim filed down and the edges beveled slightly to soften it and suggest that it has a leather face stretched over it.  There is no other baggage on the horse, as I didn't want to crowd it up.
  The reiver can be removed; a foot version of him will be built so he can dismount etc.  He has a pin placed rather uncomfortably in his ass.

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